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Searching for top talent? Consider your search over. Gone are the days of simply wishing for the top candidates in your industry – Blue Signal’s unique search process gives us an edge over any one website or traditional sourcing method you may have seen before. We work hard to find the best of the best people, and we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations to deliver excellent hires. Our specialized 10-step candidate search process includes sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing the top talent you’ve been looking for with the right experience and attitude.

How Blue Signal Matches Top Candidates with Top Clients

Initial Consultation

It all starts with that first email, phone call, or meeting. You contact us with your hiring need. We conduct our client intake and find out more by researching market conditions. After this initial consultation, we can hit the ground running on acquiring your next top hire!

We want to know what you’d like to see in your ideal candidate – their level of education, amount of experience, relevant certifications, language skills, and more. What’s their work ethic like? What leadership experience do they have? No stone is left unturned. One of our big questions is, “Why is this job open?” It could be for many different reasons, but it’s important for us to fully understand the circumstances behind your talent search in order to zero in on the candidates you want. What responsibilities will this employee need to fulfill? Do they need to be in the office, hybrid, or remote? What does success in this role look like?

The Search Process

1. Strategy

Creating a strategy before we even begin is essential to the success of the search. Part of that strategy is evaluating the market to compare job descriptions, salaries, and more. We’ll also discuss competitors and target companies to help you establish a budget, strategy, and other target metrics.

 2. Process & Timeline

Next is discussing dates and your availability. What is this process going to look like? What procedures do you have in place to hire someone? When do you need this person to start? These questions will help us determine your timeline, and how quickly we can begin launching your official talent search. Once we have these targets in mind, we can send this project through our specialized team to start on immediately.

 3. Job Brief

Now we want to get all the requirements of the job squared away. What are the selling points of the role, or rather, why would someone want to come work for you over another employer? What must haves are needed to do this job? Are there any certifications or levels of education that you require in someone of this tier? This information will help our skilled marketing team create our signature job description and job opportunity brochure. These materials are guaranteed to blow your future candidates away by not only getting them excited about the role and company but by helping them begin to see themselves as a part of your organization.

4.  Target List

Here at Blue Signal, we thrive on research! At this stage in the search, we conduct preliminary market research as well as build a list of target companies and profiles. By doing this, we’re able to narrow down the potential talent pool and guarantee more relevant candidates are delivered to your inbox than a traditional job posting and applicants method. Along the way, we’ll do quality checks with you to ensure we are on the right track – optimizing as we go and dialing into the targets you deem most important. We’re committed to being transparent with you throughout the whole process and make regular touchpoints to ensure you’re in the loop every step of the way.

 5. Make Initial Candidate Contact

For us recruiters, talking to the candidates is the fun part. We will locate them based on your job description, their geographic location, and their workplace preferences. Then our recruiters will conduct our 12-point candidate interview process to explore their qualifications, skills, and career goals by speaking with them in-depth about whether they might be a fit. We will only present the resumes and profiles we feel are the best match for you, protecting your time. Furthermore, we’ll not only tell you what does make the candidate a good fit, but we will be sure to highlight concerns we have with candidates as well. With our 12-month placement guarantee, poor matches will only result in more work for all of us. We want to be a partner in the process and once engaged in your search – our success is your success!

 6. Short List

Once we present you with a list of pre-screened and qualified candidates, we leave it up to you to tell us who you like and dislike. We love feedback, and we welcome it to assist us in refining our list – even if that means going back to the drawing board altogether. You will receive regular progress updates on our search, bringing you one step closer to the ideal candidate.

7. Coordinate Interviews

When you’ve narrowed down your short list and identified your top contenders, we’ll prepare candidates to meet with you by coordinating interviews. In cases where it’s necessary, we’ll even assist with travel arrangements. Whether your company’s interview process includes phone calls, video chats, skills testing, or in-person meetings – we will be there every step of the way. After each call, we will get in touch with both you and the candidate to determine next steps. Debriefing after each interview is important to know where you stand on each candidate, and if you’d like to pass, we can deliver the dismissal.

8. Reference Checks

If you prefer, Blue Signal can conduct reference checks for you. Contacts we might be reaching out to include current and former employees, colleagues, and supervisors. Reference checks are important to gauge how excited the candidate is about the role and to ensure they are who they say they are.

9. Offer Stage and Candidate Resignation

Once you’ve decided to hire our candidate, Blue Signal also offers additional assistance for building compensation packages, delivering offers, and negotiating terms. We will walk the candidate through their resignation and notice periods to ensure our candidates are prepared to navigate potential counteroffers. As your partner, we’ll help keep the candidate engaged throughout this career shift.

10. New Hire Support

Our job isn’t done after the offer letter is signed. Blue Signal will support our candidate through various onboarding stages like relocation, family notices, and more. We have insight into cost-of-living adjustments, can provide housing referrals, and even look into information on local schools. Additionally, we can assist you as the hiring manager with onboarding and transition coaching. We will continue to offer support throughout the new hire’s first year of employment, making good on our retention guarantee.

Our highly targeted 10-step search process consistently results in excellent hires for our hiring managers. As your partner in the process, Blue Signal invests in your search unlike any other firm – providing support from intake to extending the offer and beyond. If you’re ready to be matched with top candidates, contact us today.

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