Blue Signal Pets


Behind every hard worker is their biggest supporter, and in our case they are fluffy friends that love us unconditionally. Take a look below to see Blue Signal's pets!


Stella Walters

About Stella

Stella is a 10-year-old cocker spaniel, chihuahua, and golden retriever mix. She loves to go on long hikes with her parents and is always down for a fun day of kayaking! Despite being just 11 pounds and down some front teeth, she maintains that her primary love is still pup cups and turkey cold cuts.

Tito - Amber's Boy

Tito Lamb

About Tito

Quite the character inside and out, Tito is a mixed breed pup that vets can only guess comes from a cross between a dauchshund and a pitbull. His little legs, while stumpy, never seem to slow him down when he runs zoomies around the house, chases birds, or does tricks for treats.

Penny DeVore - edited

Penny Alvis

About Penny

Miss Penny is a Miniature Red Poodle with all the personality you can imagine. We felt like we truly found our lucky penny when she had almost zero “puppy phase”, as she’s been whip smart from day one. She loves her remote work routine and knows exactly when it’s time for mom to hop on video meetings, AKA quiet time, perfect for napping. Some of her nicknames include Penny Loafer, Penne Pasta, Moneypenny, and Penny Lane.

Titan and Tater Tot - edited

Titan and Tater Tot Mitchell

About TItan and Tater Tot

Titan (Left) has the demeanor of a grumpy, old man who is more interested in napping than the usual pets and playing that dogs enjoy. Luckily, he has Tater Tot to keep him young. He's a big fan of popcorn and going to the dog park, but spooked by car rides and sometimes even his own shadow.

Tater Tot (Right) is the yang to Titan's yin. She's explosive as a firecracker, more energetic than a kindergartener on Halloween, yet cuddlier than a teddy bear. And she does it all on 3 legs! She's part Pitbull and part Australian Cattle Dog, but 100% potato.

indie and hazel kotowski - edited

Indie and Hazel Kotowski

About Indie and Hazel

Indie and Hazel are Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle) sisters, and the perfect example of quarantine pups. When they're not pawing for attention, you can find them sprinting around the park, playing with squeaker toys, or stealing shoes.


Teddy Walsh

About Teddy

He is a red poodle born in October 2021. Full name is Teddy Jupiter Walsh. He loves little kids but is still nervous with other dogs. He is very naughty and takes his toys all over the house. He likes running at the park with his two brothers Renner and Jameson and frozen kongs. 

Duff Cole

Duff Cole

About Duff

Duff is THE OG Frenchie! He is the epitome of a momma’s boy and is always at her side. Duff resembles the cross between an Eeyore and a Johnny Bravo – slow and mopey, but also total jack diesel! Balls are his favorite; he will lay with one in his mouth for hours on end. Squirrels are his second favorite! When he’s not occupied with a ball, he will squirrel watch from the back of the couch where he perches like a bird. Loki (his nonbiological brother) is his third favorite! He uses him as his choice pillow and sleeping companion!

Loki Cole

Loki Cole

About Loki

Loki “Hokey-Pokey” is a 2 1/2 year old Frenchie from the Capos region of Chihuahua, MEX. Loki was adopted at 6-weeks old and began his journey as a puppy with his new family in Carlsbad, CA, including his big brother Duff. Loki’s hobbies include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. In his spare time, Loki also like to take naps, bask in the sun, or sometimes just hang out in the kitchen and wait for another snack. Occasionally, Loki will fetch a ball or chase a lizard, but he mostly prefers stealing balls or toys from Duff in response to little-dog syndrome. Loki is more of an introvert and prefers to stay away from people he doesn’t know…unless they have a snack. Loki is an aspiring farm-dog hoping to protect his family from snakes, alligator-turtles, hawks, and even trespassers…but only if it doesn’t interfere with other life obligations.

Ygritte and Sandie Sjurson

Ygritte and Sandie Sjurson

About Ygritte and Sandie

Ygritte (Left) is a pandemic rescue pup. When she’s not splashing in puddles or digging for treasure in her water bowl, she can be found destroying her newest toy and running zoomies around the dog park. She loves swimming, eating suspicious things off the ground, and derailing another dog’s game of fetch.

Sandie (Right) is a 10 year old rescue pup who loves to be on but not in water and can be found kayaking or lounging on a pool float in the hot Arizona summers. She’s extremely treat motivated and will steal your entire pizza if you’re not careful!

Daniel's Dog Harley

Harley Platt

About Harley

Harley is a rescue Pitbull mix. I wouldn't even be able to tell you what she's mixed with outside of a little crazy haha. She has 2 speeds, on and off. She spends about 16-18 hours a day sleeping but outside that she is full on zoomies mode (even though she's 10yrs old now). Her favorite spot to nap is in direct sunlight. 

Gumbie O'Connor - edited

Gumbie O'Connor

About Gumbie

Gu​mbie is a 6 year old miniature Australian Shepherd whose butt never stops wiggling. He enjoys lounging in the sun and chasing critters in his free time.

Koda O'Connor - edited

Koda O'Connor

About Koda

Koda is a 2.5 year old rescue pup who loves to snuggle when he is sleepy and destroy plush toys when he is awake. Koda’s favorite snack is carrots.

Nyssa - Joel Scott - edited

Nyssa Scott

About Nyssa

Nyssa is a rescue pup that is full of sass and love. We asked her foster family before adopting her and the only response was "Shes awnry."...which could not be more accurate. She is smarter than all of us and she runs the house. She is Nanna to Patrick, unless she is terrified of him. Her best friend is Rafer and she loves eating tortilla chips. On her free time, Nyssa will be found chilling under the bed or plotting her next plan of attack...but if you do not feed her, she will let you know.

Rafer - Joel Scott - edited

Rafer Scott

About Rafer

Rafer is a Hurricane Harvey rescue that is fearless (except for baths, pools, or rain) and will protect our house at all costs. He has a powerful bark that has scared a bobcat lingering outside our yard as well as made us jump more times than not and rocks a mohawk to show off his toughness. Rafer loves to wrestle, lick, and eat the food. You can find Rafer on his free time barking at any hint of an intruder, wrestling a toy from Nyssa, or standing underneath Patrick begging for him to drop some food. If you need a protector that is loyal to the end, Rafer is your man!

Domino Melton - edited

Domino Melton

About Domino

Domino enjoys napping in the sun, chattering at birds outside the windows, and giving death glares to anyone that disrupts her daily routine. Her archenemy is the Roomba making its rounds, and makes sure to verbally let anyone in the house know about it. Luckily if you happen to catch her just waking up from a nap she'll accept pets but any other time of day and she'll escape from your grasp. 

Frey Melton - edited

Frey Melton

About Frey

An avid mice connoisseur, who enjoys being outside on the patio and on the hunt as much as possible. Other hobbies include watching other cats on TV, climbing hard to reach places, and perching like a gargoyle.


Odin Stephansen

About Odin

Odin enjoys long walks to the fridge, kitchen, dining table….anywhere there’s food…but not too long because he hates cardio. 
Loves to smile 

Meatball Stephansen

About Meatball

Meatball enjoys snuggles at all points in times. No one else is allowed to get snuggles or pets. Only him. 
Also loves to smile.

Milo Rodriguez

About Milo

Milo is a 2 year old good boy, he is a mix of Pug and Jack Russell Terrier known as Retro-pug. Milo loves cuddles and kisses, if you scratch his belly he will never leave your side. He is easily scared by pretty much anything (big shoes ,yes shoes, like boots for example) and doesn't like people touching his paws for some reason. He is a sweet baby who loves attention and playing with his ball. 


Sasha Rodriguez

About Sasha

​Sasha is a 2 year old princess, a mix of Pug and Jack Russell Terrier known as retro-pug. Sasha needs  little time to get used to strangers but if she trusts you she will be the sweetest most playful doggie on earth. She loves to go for walks and explore and is always ready to learn new tricks. Her facial expressions are so human like is scary sometimes. Her favorite person in the world is her daddy, she will be by his side if he is sick and put her paw on his phone if he is not giving her attention. 

Mr. Will

Mr. Will Peters

About Mr. Will

Boxer/Pit Mix.

Mr. Will loves walks at the lake, riding in the truck,  and to slobber all over our entire house. He is a great dog that wouldn't harm a fly. He is 3 years old and we got him as a rescue.


Coco Peters

About Coco

​Havenese/Bichon Mix.

Coco is a true Velcro dog to my wife Sarah. She usually sleeps on her head. Coco is a guard dog in the sense that she will bark at anything that walks in front of the house and drives me mad. She is also a lover of the lake walks and scavenging for any food that falls to the ground.

Onyx Hutchins

Onyx Hutchins

About Onyx

My moms call me their little bat-girl because when I look at them like this they say I look like a bat! I’m an adventure dog and love hiking and camping with the family and all my cousin-dogs!
Fun Fact: My cutest trick is that I can whisper!
Tank Tani

Tank Tani

About Tank

​Tank aka Monkey aka Big Baby is a smush face, brindle French Bulldog. His favorite activities include taking naps (ALL DAY), chewing his bone, licking the kitchen floor for scraps, and going through the Starbucks drive-thru to get a puppacino. He is truly one-of-a-kind and the ultimate guard dog for his hoomans!

Sadie Belle Spisok

Sadie Belle Spisok

About Sadie Belle

​Sadie is a 3 year old golden retriever
Koda Shannon

Koda Shannon

About Koda

Koda is primarily Australian Cattle Dog, German Shephard, and Australian Shephard. She just celebrated her 1st birthday in April 2022 and loves playing with other dogs at the park, going on hikes, and chasing her cat brother, Greg, around our home! She responds well to her first name, "Little Mama," "Miss," and "Bink."

Naya Papaya

Naya Papaya Scolli

About Naya

Naya is a 5yo Flat Coat Retriever. She loves pickles, walkies, and laying in the sunshine. 


Jack Scolli

About Jack

​Jack is a 2yo German Shepard. He loves treats, playing with his squeaky donut, and booty scratches! 
Vern Lawhead

Vern Lawhead

About Vern

​​Vern is a Goldendoodle who loves people more than anything. He especially loves his Blue Signal team (special shout out to Lacey, Amber, and Kimberly who have all cared for him during vacations). He was born on the 4th of July and enjoys long walks on the beach!
ollie schamel

Ollie Schamel

About Ollie

​​Oliver is a 5 yr. old English Cream Golden Retriever. He loves any outdoor activity (camping, hiking, swimming, knocking children over at the beach). Despite his love for the outdoors, Ollie prefers snuggles and movies on the couch. He doesn't care that he's 80lbs... he will always find a spot on your lap. His nicknames: Olliepop, Uncle Ollie, BearBear, Straight-Edge Ollie. He's a food-driven, momma's boy who can quite literally do no wrong. An absolute angel baby!
Ivy Schamel

Ivy Schamel

About Ivy

​Ivy is our newest addition to the family - she's a 7 month old English Cream Golden Retriever.  She's as cute as she is naughty. An absolute expert at both zoomies & peeing on the rug.  Despite her young age, Ivy is a well-seasoned sock collector.  She's scared of her own shadow & will do ANYTHING for a treat (besides any actual command).  Our sweet dog, Kylo, passed away May 2021. He was spunky, fun and full of light.  Ivy is carrying on his crazy legacy in the Schamel household.  The best girl!! 

Lotus Schamel

Lotus Schamel

About Lotus

Lotus (better known as the queen of the household) is our rescue kitty. We took her in during the height of the pandemic when she was only 4 weeks old!! She was found in a dumpster- sick, infected and left without her mom. Lotus flowers bloom beautifully despite having grown in the mud. Symbolizing our kitty's name- she was found in the mud & still managed to grow into the best little lady! She plays fetch, roughhouses the dogs, and begs at the dinner table. If her tail wasn't so long & fluffy, you'd think she was a dog. Her favorite things are salmon, playing outside, having full-blown conversations & sleeping on my face.
Fifi Kerr

Fifi Kerr

About Fifi

Fifi is my best girl. Often mistaken for a stuffed animal due to her small stature and stillness, this girl stays in stealth mode. Lots of people have told me they don't like little dogs, maybe they're yappy or ankle biters...but Fifi is more like an inanimate object. If you have ever had affection for a small plushy, you will like this dog. Her pros: I can easily sneak her into places Cons: Easily misplaced and hard to find

Paisley Kerr - edited

Paisley Kerr

About Paisley

​Paisley is my 7 year old long hair main coon. She is 24 pounds and quite a big girl. She likes to spend her time climbing shelves, fridges, fireplaces, etc. and then knocking off everything she finds up there. She also likes to dip her paw in my cups and stir my drinks around. Her special talent? Destroying window blinds. IF you have some blinds you're looking to ruin, she is your girl.

Bonney Kerr - edited

Bonney Kerr

About Bonney

​Named for Anne Bonney, the pirate queen, Bonney is my one eyed little dumpster cat. God love her. She kind of reminds me of Danny Devito's Penguin character. Desperate for attention, easily the most needy of the pets, she will gently reach out her little paw to dab you when you walk by. If you sit down? Game over. She is on you in seconds. The stereotype of the aloof cat does not apply with this one. Needy greedy baby, she will find you, and she will dab you.
Buckley Wells Carpenter

Buckley Wells Carpenter

About Buckley Wells

​Buckley is a mini Bernedoodle with a big personality. He loves carrots, cucumbers, ice cubes, and ear scratches. He enjoys dog parks, especially if they have sprinklers and he hates the words down and no. He is the perfect WFH co-worker!


Yadi Wagehoft

About Yadi Wagehoft

​Yadi is a 10-year-old Toy Poodle who LOVES to snuggle and hasn't met a person's lap he doesn't like to lay on. He is named after Yadier Molina on the St. Louis Cardinals so he is a big Yadi fan!