Tips for Updating Your Resume

A resume is generally the first impression your potential employer will have of you, so it’s important to make the right one. Whether you’re actively applying to jobs, casually considering making a change, or are just looking to stay ahead of the market, it’s always a good idea to keep your resume updated and ready to send. Here are some of Blue Signal’s best practices when it comes to updating your resume.  

Think about it from the employer's perspective

Hiring managers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications in any given day when looking to hire. Because of this, they all have their own streamlined ways to quickly evaluate and make a decision based on what they see on a resume. To make sure your resume stands out from the stack, try to think about it from the employer’s perspective.  

Here are some of the questions they may ask themselves when reviewing your resume:  

  • Can the candidate solve the problems I have today? 
  • Can the candidate build value? 
  • Will the candidate add to the company culture? 

Make sure the answer is "Yes" for all three questions. If not, it's not the right role.

Assuming you meet the criteria of the job description they posted to advertise their open role; you’ll be able to address that first question relatively easily.

When it comes to building value, it’s important to highlight your past achievements in your resume. If you are able to clearly demonstrate the value you have brought past employers, the value should translate easily to the hiring manager’s company.

Finally, despite best intentions, you need to stick to your true voice when it comes to resume writing. Many people beef up their resumes to appear more qualified, more professional, etc. – however, once you get into an interview, a hiring manager will be able to see the truth of your character for themselves. All you need to do is make sure that honest character shines through in your resume, too – and let them see what you can bring to the table when it comes to culture add.

Final Notes

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No matter what level you are in your career a professional resume can always make a difference.

  • A resume is a highlight film. Keep it simple and concise.  
  • Always use reverse chronological order when listing experiences. 
  • Include relevant achievements and accomplishments. 
  • Quantify accomplishments using dollars, percentages, and numbers wherever possible. 
  • List relevant affiliations, training, or certifications. 
  • Focus only on relevant experience from the past 10-15 years of employment. 
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