Updating Your Resume

Resume Advice

Employers ask 3 questions when looking at a resume:

  1. Can the candidate solve the problems I have today?
  2. Can the candidate build shareholder value?
  3. Will the candidate fit with the company culture?

Resume Advice:

  • A resume is an advertisement, not a proclamation.
  • A resume is a highlight film.
  • Do not start with career objective.
  • Create a profile section and list key skills.
  • Always use reverse chronology.
  • Include relevant achievements and accomplishments.
  • Quantify accomplishments using dollars, percentages, and numbers.
  • List operating budgets, account size and staff size.
  • Include brief descriptions of the companies you have worked for.
  • List relevant affiliations, training, or certifications.
  • Focus on the past 10-15 years of employment.
  • Do not include family or personal info.
  • Always remove irrelevant information when applying for a specific role.


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