How to Write Interview
Thank-you Letters

A well executed interview thank you note is your final opportunity to remind hiring managers of your expertise. A follow-up thank you letter alone is not going to stand out, but a detailed, personalized thank you note will assist in differentiating yourself from the competition. This should be a short note full of valuable information.

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Tips for Writing an Interview Thank You Letter:

  • Check, double-check, and triple-check spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Include accurate information. Reread your note to ensure that names of individuals and the company are correct and spelled accurately. Errors here can cause uncertainty about your attention to detail.
  • Demonstrate your listening skills. Refer to conversations had during your interview.  Discuss something you learned, if possible include a relevant article that builds upon your previous discussion.
  • Highlight your strengths. Reiterate the skills and experiences you possess that best fit the scope of the position; this is another opportunity to reference something you learned at the interview. Reminding interviewers of these unique skills can keep you at the top of the candidate list.
  • Send a follow-up thank you to each individual you met. Be certain that each thank you is customized and tailored to each discussion and individual. Often, your note will be shared and identical messages will reflect poorly for you.
  • Send promptly. Email interview thank you notes within 24 hours of your interview while your interview is still fresh in the minds of the people you met. In most cases, it is not fitting to wait to send through conventional mail. You should send a note to each individual after each meeting (telephone, in person, casual, etc.).

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