Headshot of Kendra Morales with a white background.

Kendra Morales

Chief Client Officer

Industry Specialties

  • Venture Capital-Backed Tech Startups
  • Industry-Agnostic Technology Firms
  • Executive Search and Client Services
  • Revenue Generation & Growth
  • Organizational Training & Development
  • Partnership and Senior Leadership Roles
  • Continuous Training Program Implementation
  • Community Service & Non-Profit Initiatives


About Kendra Morales

Kendra Morales is stepping into a transformative role as the Chief Client Officer at Blue Signal, where she is poised to leverage her vast expertise to further enhance the firm's client offerings and relationships.

With 23 years of experience in executive search, Kendra has successfully completed over 400 executive searches for venture-backed technology companies. Her most recent stint was at Candidate Labs, where she held a pivotal role overseeing their client services organization.

Her career trajectory began at Hobson Associates in 1999, marked by accolades such as 'Rookie of the Year.' Kendra's rapid rise saw her becoming the youngest ever to be promoted to Partner and subsequently, Senior Partner. Moving to The Millard Group, Kendra continued to break barriers, achieving the title of Associate Partner just 15 months in. She also set an impressive record by breaking her own mark for the largest fee closed in company history, not once but six times!

Transitioning to Candidate Labs from Betts Recruiting, Kendra was entrusted with pivotal roles ranging from building continuous training programs to crafting the overall go-to-market strategy for Betts.

Beyond her professional commitments, Kendra is deeply rooted in community service. In 2013, she founded 'For Goodness Sake,' a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Central Connecticut dedicated to assisting families emerging from homelessness or crises. Kendra's commitment to holistic well-being is evident as she teaches yoga and meditation at a local prison.

Kendra graduated from Kent State University in 1999.

Areas of Expertise

  • Providing strategic direction to early-stage startups on pivotal first-in-function hires.
  • Architecting and overseeing comprehensive go-to-market strategies.
  • Leadership and mentorship in Sales, Customer Success Management (CSM), Marketing, and Operations.
  • Scaling strategies for startups to ensure optimal growth and operational excellence.
  • Leveraging deep industry insights to offer actionable advice on operational and market strategies.

Q&A with Blue Signal CCO, Kendra Morales

Fun Fact

Kendra skipped the 8th grade, and went from 7th grade directly into High School.

Favorite Social Activity

She loves checking out live music with good people.