Recruiting Director Of Sales Austin Younglove

Austin Younglove

Director of Sales

Recruiting Specialties

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Executive Search
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Change Management


About Austin Younglove

With a robust 9-year trajectory in the staffing and recruiting arena, Austin Younglove stands at the forefront as the Director of Sales, steering award-winning teams towards unparalleled excellence. His journey, rooted in the intricate worlds of Enterprise Applications consulting, alongside a profound expertise in contingent staffing and PERM search for the crème de la crème in Executives and Accounting/Finance, has shaped a professional ethos that transcends mere transactions.

In the realm of sales and client engagement, he adopts a decidedly consultative approach—a nod to the Socratic method, if you will. He delves beyond the surface, asking the kind of probing questions that unearth not just immediate needs but the larger narratives that drive organizations forward. This isn't about selling; it's about partnering with clients to co-author success stories, leveraging strategic staffing solutions that are as innovative as they are impactful.

At the heart of his philosophy lies a simple truth: the right question can illuminate paths previously unseen, transforming challenges into victories. It's a principle he has carried through a career marked not just by achievements, but by the genuine connections forged along the way. As the company navigates the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, Austin remains committed to the belief that the greatest solutions lie just beneath the surface, waiting for the right conversation to bring them to light.

Search Focus

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)
  • Controller
  • VP of Finance
  • Treasurer
  • Accounting Manager
  • Enterprise Application Consultants (Oracle, Workday, SAP, Salesforce)

Fun Fact

Austin had his first essay published at 11 years old.

Best Concert

Mumford and Sons.

Favorite Dad Joke

What is a fancy fish called? So-fish-ticated.