A Message from BSS WOW President, Amber Lamb on Blue Signal's Women of the Workplace Program

It’s an exciting time to be a woman, especially in an industry like ours. We have the opportunity, and furthermore the duty, to help spread the knowledge that it takes to change the way women experience their workplaces. In building Blue Signal Women of the Workplace, we have forged a path to that future, and created a space for our organization in a female-empowered present.

By starting the conversation within our own workplace, BSS WOW has tackled those hard to approach topics that unfortunately remain taboo in many professional settings. But by facing them head on, we have made a meaningful change in the way we work, that will continue to extend beyond our company’s doors.

BSS WOW believes that connected, empowered women are unstoppable. As recruiters, it’s our duty to help facilitate that connection and empowerment! BSS WOW has helped Blue Signalers improve the way in which we support our clients, candidates, colleagues, and community. We are excited to continue in this mission and be a resource for supporting and advocating for women in any workplace.

Amber Lamb,
President of BSS WOW and Blue Signal Marketing Manager

Amber Lamb
Amber Lamb

Amber Lamb


Amber supports the Blue Signal team by developing marketing materials for internal and external use. She has conducted marketing training, optimized internal processes, and adds value to the company through her creativity and innovation.

Contact her to learn more about Blue Signal Women of the Workplace initiatives.